Jasmin Mister


4 oz.  glass bottle
Extracted from the jasmine flower, jasmine is one of the most loved essential oil scents. It has a strong sweet pleasing earthy romantic fragrance. One spray of our jasmine mister and you and your friends will be closing your eyes and saying mmmmm.  Jasmin is thought to stimulate the release of hormones in the body including serotonin which is uplifting and energizing.

About our aromatherapy misters

Our aromatherapy misters are a great way to scent the air, your person, bedding and your cloths.

After making aromatherapy misters for many years we have been able to create a process where the essential oil is well dispersed in the bottle. This along with our adding an ample amount of essential oil provides for a very strong and effective mister. The large 4 ounce glass colbalt bottle provides for hundreds of sprays and last a long time. The misters contain spring water, a small amount of grain alcohol and lecithin to help in keeping the oil blended and to naturally preserve the oil. They are made with real essential oils never fragrance oils or a hydrosol which is just the scented water left after extracting the essential oil and is not nearly as strong as using the actual essential oil.